Why now? What’s your why? How do I start?

So recently I have been reading a well-known book called rich dad poor dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki, and part of the book was discussing how to get started in relation to financial education and freedom. A statement he made triggered a thought in me which I believe is essential to every mindset, regardless of... Continue Reading →


John 13:34-35

This is us So if we start right from the beginning. We should ask why we are here? Then it would be a good idea to ask who we are? To finish off our quest we must agree how we can achieve our aims in life? Those who are around us, that are still yet... Continue Reading →


When it comes to my education, I wouldn’t say it has been an easy ride. In fact I think I can say its been quite #!kyqgkdeyakg%£ (use your imagination to think of a suitable word). After my hand was forced to do another year in college (some may recognise this as my gap year) ,... Continue Reading →


First things first, this piece is literally just some thoughts I had after talking to my bro’s and then my dad. We were talking about the future and plans we need to put in place to get to our goals. A question I was Why do we get things so backwards in this day and... Continue Reading →


Tales from before I was even a thought. Trails faced in my education. Mistakes made in relationships. And The journey undertaken to the point I am currently at now.


Mama So I got home from work late and the way I was hungry was unreal. I was trying to imagine what type of concoction I was going to have to make do with to survive by. In my mind I had settled with yoghurt and biscuits. Sad Yh I know. As I opened my... Continue Reading →


Poker, blackjack, ring of fire (if you know, you know 😎). All of these games are based mainly on chance and probability. Depending on the hand your given, dictates how you can advance in the game.  I consider myself to be an exceptionally great blackjack player, however I know there are many aspects in the... Continue Reading →


Right Now I've been 21 for a bit and life is going at a interesting unexplainable pace. It's soo fast yet soo slow if you get what I mean. Soo much is happening around me however I feel soo unproductive. I can see great things on the horizon but right now some thing are not... Continue Reading →

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